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Can you even imagine?!

Since this is the end of Breastfeeding Awareness month, I thought I'd end with something kinda along those lines... well, sort of....

Just because you are considering to bottle feed, whether exclusively or to supplement, doesn't mean you HAVE to use formula. Many mamas choose to use their own milk in bottles, especially those who are away from baby due to work, school, or other feeding/scheduling issues. Our own co-founder, Emery, never used formula with her little, but she directly nursed when possible and pumped to use in bottles when she was in classes.

Breast pumps now are NOT your mother's breast pumps, y'all (be sure to check out our link to see if your insurance provides one). They are so much more efficient, and some are even fairly discreet. Of course, proper storage of breast milk is important, but we'll cover that in a later blog post.

Whether breast, bottle, or hybrid, we ALL want to do what's best for our littles. THAT'S the most important thing.

So, on to a little extra! I am a HUGE history buff... that is probably why I decided to become a history and English teacher. One area I'm fascinated by is how gadgets we use today have changed and improved over the years. I mean, have you ever looked at early versions of SHOES?! They didn't even have a left/right style!

Throughout the eons, we mamas have always wanted to provide what's best for our babies, and we have ALWAYS tried to find ways to manage a busy mama life, too. That desire led to many inventions, including that of the "baby feeding bottle."

Take a look at THIS blast from the past... Can you imagine using THIS to feed your little?!

This bottle is from the early 1900's. It was touted to be a miracle mama-helper at helping baby feed herself...

Just looking at it, though, and my mind can envision SO MANY issues with this!🤔

The first is that it was made of glass. And it wasn't a light-weight container, either. Some of the earliest glass bottles could weigh a full pound! I can't imagine an infant being able to "feed herself" with that. The second is that tube, though!😲 I have trouble cleaning my water bottle straws, so this would have been a bacterial nightmare... or playground, depending on how you look at it. Yikes!

By the time the mid-century rolled around, the 1950's bottles had taken on the more modern form that we're all familiar with - hello, Evenflo!

I remember my own mama using both glass and plastic Evenflo bottles for my siblings. Sterilization and cleaning education was more available then, too, which led to healthier babies.

MediOf course, we are now aware of BPA warnings in plastics, and cleaning methods are much more advanced.

Medical info keeps improving; better info = even healthier babes.

On to the present... If you are considering bottle- or supplement-feeding - you'll have LOTS of style choices. Most are in 4- or 8-ounce sizes, but they may vary in shape and material.

Since most plastics now are BPA-free, it will likely come down to style preference.

The more complicated choice is nipple shape. Honestly, baby will probably let you know what she prefers. I usually suggest new mamas who are considering bottles to pick up a few types of nipples. If baby seems to be consistently refusing one style, you have another you can try right off. My babies all preferred the Mam or Nuk styles, but my grand wasn't too picky.

Start with a couple of small, 4-ounce bottles, and be sure to choose nipples that are sized to your infant's age. As baby gets older, you will change bottle size and nipple size.

Go girl! Whatever you choose, we're your cheerleaders here at Foreverly Boxes!


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