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Be Ready for the Big Day: Surprise Must-Have Items for Mamas-to-be

So... the big day is coming, and you've had your bags packed for WEEKS, right?!

I certainly did, and thank goodness, too, because I was surprised 2 weeks early when my doctor decided "it's time!"

But with all the lists I found, I still had some items I wish I had packed, as well as some I’m SO glad I did! And here are some of my favorites that you might not think of, and links to some...

  1. My own hospital gown! Who knew?! I'm not even sure who suggested this, but I'm so glad I got it! It was SO much more comfortable than most standard gowns at the hospital.

  2. Shower shoes/flip flops. Yeah, kinda like going to summer camp or dorm life, I just felt better with having them.

  3. Postpartum undies. Trust me. Just do it girl.

  4. 10-ft phone charger cord, 2 if your support person will be staying. And a power strip would have been nice.

Other items were pretty standard: my own pillow, no-slip socks, robe, nursing bras & pj's...

Because our baby was in the NICU for a bit, our stay was longer, so we had more time to think of things we wish we had or were glad we thought of, but no matter the length of your stay, these little special items will make your time there even better.

Got any ideas? We'd love to hear yours!

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